The SwissRapide Express Projects

It is becoming common day with intercity traffic in Switzerland that trains are overfilled and often delayed, thus giving rise to dissatisfied passengers and causing travellers to miss connections in the continuation of their journey. With regular traffic jams on motorways, the situation there is not better. All in all, this is valuable time that is lost, particularly between some of the key cities in Switzerland; Berne, Zurich, Lausanne and Geneva. 


The "SwissRapide Express®" is a new and innovative solution to the country's intercity capacity needs. At the same time, it offers a quantum leap in fast, punctual and environmentally friendly transportation:


20 minutes from Berne to Zurich,

10 minutes from Lausanne to Geneva,

8 minutes from Zurich to Winterthur

departing every 5 minutes

Launched in 2006, the SwissRapide Express® is based on the proven Transrapid Maglev (Magnetic Levitation) technology, successfully travelling over 20 million km in daily service in Shanghai since 2003, safely and highly punctually.


Supported by the SwissRapide Consortium as well as major partner companies in Switzerland and Germany, the SwissRapide Express® started its public marketing campaign on 19 July 2009 with an official press conference followed by newspaper articles and television reports.


To date, the public response to the project has been extremely positive. SwissRapide is not only 3 times faster than the conventional intercity connection, offers 6 times as many connections but it also provides THE solution to the growing transport capacity needs between the cities of Zurich and Bern. In addition, through the SwissRapide Energy project, the SwissRapide Express will be supplied to 100% by renewable energy.


Through this, SwissRapide represents a quantum leap in passenger transportation and will further establish Switzerland as the world leader in fast, reliable and environmentally friendly public transportation.


The SwissRapide Express® is a private pioneer initiative that is led and supported by the SwissRapide Consortium. Sponsors and investors now have the opportunity to become part of this extraordinary project, which is promising to become one of the most exciting and visionary projects of this century, attracting attention from around the globe.


For more information, please consult our brochure for the SwissRapide Central Project Berne – Zurich:


SwissRapide Express brochure



Further Maglev Rail projects worldwide

The following Maglev rail projects are also being supported and promoted by SwissRapide AG and its partner companies:


Tenerife, Spain: Santa Cruz to Las Americas in 24 minutes

U.A.E.: Dubai to Abu Dhabi in 25 minutes

Oman: Muscat Metro System

Iran: Teheran to Mashhad via Sari and Gorgan in 180 minutes

Turkey: Antalya to Alanya in 25 Minutes

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