Our Services for your Maglev Rail Project

As international pioneer and exclusive partner for the planning, financing, construction and operation of highly sustainable, ultra-speed Maglev rail systems, SwissRapide AG can support you from the project initialisation of a new Maglev rail system for your country, region or city, through all planning, financing, approvals and construction phases, including the operation and maintenance of the system.


In cooperation with leading industry partners, our range of expertise and services through the life-cycle of a Maglev rail project include the following:


      • Project concept and pre-feasibility studies
      • Project and Programme Management
      • System operations, scheduling and performance designs 
      • Detailed feasibility and environmental studies
      • Preliminary planning documents 
      • Development of profitable business models and business plans for the complete system 
      • Development of detailed business cases for the project
      • Private-based project financing, including innovative financing models
      • Development of all documents required for the local system concession 
      • Modern architectural designs of stations suited to your country’s culture 
      • Detailed system planning as well as construction approvals 
      • Supply of all vehicle, guideway, power and telecommunication systems 
      • Supply of further auxiliary systems as required by the project concept
      • Construction site supervision 
      • System testing, validation and commissioning
      • System operations and maintenance



Gale - SwissRapide Express with tower