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SwissRapide AG provides an exclusive, new generation of ultra-fast, safe and sustainable passenger transport systems based on proven Maglev (magnetic levitation) railway technology. SwissRapide Maglev rail systems are designed for cities, regions and countries worldwide seeking to meet current and future needs for high-capacity, reliable and highly flexible mobility solutions.


Our intelligent transport systems (ITS) are environmentally friendly while providing significantly lower Cost of Ownership in comparison to conventional high-speed railway systems. This ensures that SwissRapide Maglev railway projects can provide solid business cases and outstanding investment opportunities for private financial institutions and public organisations.


Currently, SwissRapide AG has an opportunity open for a second phase investor to become a part of this fascinating business, providing the first commercially viable Maglev railway system to the global markets. By investing in SwissRapide AG, you have the opportunity to profit from excellent returns on investment in the coming years as well as substantial gains in share valuation, as our Maglev systems create their own unique Blue Ocean market in the worldwide multibillion Euro high-speed railway business.


For more information, please consult our company brochure: 


SwissRapide AG Company Brochure 


Our business development experts will gladly assist you with any questions you may have and would be pleased to arrange a meeting with members of our Management Board to discuss this unique business opportunity in detail.


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Dr. Aida S. von Schulman

Vice President & Chief Sustainability Officer 

SwissRapide AG

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